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B-b-but FARIS! Isis came to me and told me that Zeus is an untrustworthy manwhore! It was PERSONAL! I had my FAITH in her! Then Horus came and called Hera a bitch. It's on,'s on...

By the way, I know it's a late reply, but when I said that you can't dis-prove goblins to me.... I was attacking your argument of: "God is real because you can't dis-prove him to me." The fact remains that humans invented religion.... what if the Greeks were right? What if the Egyptians were right? (With their many gods?) What if the atheists are right? Then you just spent you whole life praying to the wrong gods... or you just spent your life believing in something that isn't there.... remember: you BELIEVE in God... you don't KNOW that there is a God.

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