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Default Re: Weirdest masturbating and puberty moments

any ways i made this thread the other day after reading some masturbating techniqes and one of them said that some men could receive extra sensations if you put one of those hand held shower thingies in my but (really nasty content, read at your own will) so the night came it was like 1am and i went to take a shower and i did exactly what the site said and pushed it in my ass when it was on. I immediateley i stopped because it was giving me a pain in my stomach the feeling you get when you really want to go(#2)lol. so i sat on the toilet and to my surprise about a cup of water fell from my ass into the toilet. it was really embarassing although noone was around. I feel really good like how i can share my stories on this site. Thanks to who ever made this site possible.

ps. girls can also share their stories and pleas no one tease me about my odd moment lol.
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