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Originally Posted by confusion View Post
Where did I insult him? I told him that he has no valid argument not that he belongs in a mental hospital! I attacked his argument not HIM! And telling him that he has no sense of humour is not the same as telling him that he belongs in a mental hospital. Imagine what would have happened if I said that to one of you atheists! You would have started again with the normal 'Because you Christians treat us badly and you think we're going to hell...bla bla bla' drama but it's alright for an atheist to say that....because, um, because, because...just because. Jus admit that what he said is offensive instead of taking his side when you know that he shouldn't have said that.
You didn't insult me, you just looked kind of stupid. Obviously I wasn't being serious when I implied that you weren't modest (if you had a brain/any kind of sense of humour you'd recognise this but then again you are a theist so I probably should have expected that). I said you were a mental because that's how you come across to me on this thread with your boring, rambling tl;dr posts. Again, stop being such a fucking crybaby, man the fuck up and stop being so serious. Instead of moaning, why not try and come up with some kind of witty retort?

Anyway, /argument. Let's get back to business. I read a very good post on religion on a football (soccer to you...) forum I go on and I think that it could provide some good shit to debate on here. Click here to read it (it's a bit long but well worth reading.)

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