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Originally Posted by embers View Post
Goblins and bush spirits? Just what do you think the Mayans believed in? They believed in deities, just like Hindus. Again, there's Hindus who have apparitions of Krishna, Muslims apparitions of Muhammed, and the list goes on. You cannot take those firsthand experiences as anything credible.
Here we are not talking about Muhammed. We're talking about God. And for your info, Krishna is the Supreme Being of the Hindus: their God. And yes the Mayans do believe in bush spirits and goblins, yes.

Originally Posted by embers View Post
Love: Extreme emotional attachment. You don't behave rationally or logically when you're in love, but the thing itself is an emotion, it can be explained.

Trust: You logically presume (not assume) that a close friend or whatever is telling the truth because of the bond ('love') between you, or something similar.

Faith: It's illogical. You're believing in something, in this case metaphysical, without any credibility (personal accounts don't count; that includes the New Testament).

Personal accounts don't count....says's not that I have blind faith and believe freakin everything like you're trying to imply...but for me PERSONAL accounts count as I consider myself to have a PERSONAL relationship with God.

And by the way with love, trust and faith I forgot to add forgiveness. Try explaining that one for me. It's the most unnatural/illogical thing in the world but it's done, dear and it exists. It's not a feeling but a choice like trust.

Originally Posted by embers View Post
As for the Big Bang, we can predict what happened up to 10 ^ 43 seconds after it. It's a truth. You can go ahead and say God did it, but there's no basis for that.).

But there must have been a '0' start. And what was before that?

Originally Posted by embers View Post
On the contrary, most people here are Christians. They just don't start debating.
Oh yes, have you ever wondered why is that? Just look at the first sentence that 'apparitions' has said. Now I know why Christians do not come here. I shouldn't have been FOOLISH enough to come here and be INSULTED.

Originally Posted by embers View Post
There's been no ground covered in proving he exists apart from personal testimonies that don't mean 'jack squat'.
And there's been no ground covered in proving he doesn't exist except from your 'NON-testimony' that doesn't mean 'jack squat' to me. No offence.

Originally Posted by Perseus View Post
If you were to look at Greek/Roman or Norse Mythology, the gods in those beliefs had more interaction with humans than does the Christian, etc. god does. What makes them any less valid than yours? Those religions had more interaction.

If you want to believe that there are 'gods' acting like 3-year olds or making half immortal babies or jealous of humanity, it's up to you.

Originally Posted by Apparitions View Post
Oh dear . I'm sure the nice men in white coats will soon be along to help to escort you back to that lovely mental place that you've obviously escaped from. Maybe while you're there, they'll have a go at freeing you from your delusions (you know, the "there is a God and he's perfect and everything and he does exist which I'm certain of, even though I've never seen him nor seen one piece of evidence that he does exist. If you say otherwise you're wrong because the Bible and the priest said so. Also, he has a son that died but came back even though that is impossible and I'm going to heaven while all those nasty Atheist folk burn in hell..." delusion).
If you're going to insult me by telling me that I belong in a mental hospital and other offensive SHIT you're evidently so good at spewing, I will deny your fuckin comments just as I deny your atheism. One can only take so much SHIT. Bye.

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