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Question I have a question...

First off i am sorry if this is relative to another post i searched buy I'm not entirely sure.... Anyway

Well I'm 13 years old and i turn 14 in 1 month and 15 days. I have alot of the other stages of puberty a bigger penis lots of pubic hair around it and on my legs and butt.... but my voice has never cracked, im always horse but my voice is different than it use to sound, i would say much deeper but I thought it was strange because i have most of the other stages except for voice not cracking, but different and i have just little specks of armpit hair like almost none at all should I be worried or what..... oh ya also my parents arent too involved in my life and they're always working and what not so we've never talked about puberty, sex, or masturbation or anything like that but i know alot about it but i think they should talk about it

P.S. like im talking we've never talked about ANYTHING...
Thanks guys,
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