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alright, take no offense to this, but this doesnt sound not natural. "But i dont want to be healthy"?? WHY NOT. if ur healthy u can live a normal, happy life. i dont think people in the hospital would take it too well if u decided to screw things up and come back. i know i wouldnt want to talk to you, you got out and u apparently started being healthy, people even commented on how nice you looked, thats what i'd want if i were stuck in a bed, id consider u ignorant to want to come back and be like this, all the people in the hospital want to get better and live a healthy happy life, they dont WANT to be there.
You should really keep up what ur doing, not wanting to be healthy is going to ruin ur life, it really is. it could be something as simple as not eating enough, but once u survive that, not wanting to be healthy will encourage u to do more worse things after u succeeded in not eating enough. stay healthy,live long, stay happy is offline   Reply With Quote