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Originally Posted by *lynn* View Post
weakling habit? look, you might think cutting isn't the best way to deal with problems, but you shouldn't just brush it aside like that. it's a big deal, and actually you have to be pretty strong to do it to yourself. so maybe next time you can watch how you word things, okay? because it's offensive to read things like that. this place is to help people, not to bash on the ways some people cope with the things in their life.
i say things how i think, u cant possibly think ur gonna help people stop a habit like cutting if u dont be assertive and somewhat agressive. i say nothing personally, i dont mean to go out at someone when i say something, but i say what i think. how are u mentally strong if ur CUTTIN URSELF to solve problems?? many people are able to do painful things to themselves goign against what the body actually wants, going against what would be healthy, that doesnt mean u have a strong mind. if ur mentaly strong, you'd be able to realize u need help and go out to a school counselor and be able to admit u have some problems in ur life. if my best friend told me they were cutting, id tell them they need to get help and stop this WEAKLING HABBIT. When u cut urself to deal with a problem, you prove that ur mind and control over urself is weak and you cant bring urself to do what needs to be done. i beleive that 100% and u telling me im being insensitive isnt going to stop that. im here to help people, and when somebody's being stupid enough to fucking take a blade and cut themselves when they cant deal with a problem, im going to be as agressive as i need to be to ram it into their heads that that is wrong. the longer it takes to convince someone that cutting themselves isnt going to solve anything and that its just going to make things worse and harder on ur mind, the more harm they end up getting done because they continue to cut themselves. now, on the other hand, say i have a son one day or a daughter, dont matter, and s/he comes to me saying that they have some sort of problem and they've been cutting themselves. im not gonna say "u lil weakling, deal w/ ur problems the strong way." im goign to congradulate them for doing things correctly and doing what needs to be done: realizing u cant handle the situation and getting real help from others who know what to do. if ur a cutter and u are able to stop, realize in cutting u cant handle ur problems for the given situation and seek real help, you have a very strong mind and strong control over ur body, health and what needs to be done. is offline   Reply With Quote