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Originally Posted by confusion View Post
I was just joking. You have no sense of humour apparently. If you are going to attack me because I said that, then it's because you can't find a valid reason to do so.
Oh dear . I'm sure the nice men in white coats will soon be along to help to escort you back to that lovely mental place that you've obviously escaped from. Maybe while you're there, they'll have a go at freeing you from your delusions (you know, the "there is a God and he's perfect and everything and he does exist which I'm certain of, even though I've never seen him nor seen one piece of evidence that he does exist. If you say otherwise you're wrong because the Bible and the priest said so. Also, he has a son that died but came back even though that is impossible and I'm going to heaven while all those nasty Atheist folk burn in hell..." delusion).

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