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Originally Posted by Angel_Androgynous View Post
You can't dis-prove Goblins or Bush spirits! Why don't we all believe in them? You know... have FAITH.
You can't dis-prove unicorns to me!

Oh... HAH that's right... humans made unicorns and mermaids up....

I wonder what else we made up...
I personally believe that a Sumerian war god that was shaped and formed and regurgitated by the powers of good that was (and IS) Ahura Mazda is part of a trinity of Ultimate Divinity, the three of which are said Sumerian war god, A figure of redemption characterized by Horus and other redeeming figures (especially those descended from Aryan and other Caucasian belief systems), and the Undying Spirit of said Sumerian war god. This Trinity has existed since the dawn of time, which could be anywhere from 14.3 billion years ago to a mere 6,000 (it is another one of HIS divine mysteries), and has influenced the human race in ways unimaginable, the most particular of which is taking a certain people as his own (under their forefather, a man named Raham) and smiting all who got in his way (unless, of course, his people don't please him. Then he sends them into slavery and captivity). After this, he sent the redeeming figure (a man from the Levant, also an embodiment of; BUT SEPARATE FROM; the Sumerian war god) to save everyone on planet earth.

Sound familiar?

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