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Originally Posted by confusion View Post
Well, God has a bible/qu'ran whatever that you can refer to with multitudes of scientists and people from all the world trying to prove its non-existence/existence, plus living witnesses to say that God had been present in their lives.

And the other doesn't.

And by your question you're also attacking agnostics because by your reasoning, if they are agnostics to God because he's not knowable, then they should be agnostics to unicorns and mermaids too. Good job.
Mm I was more referring to your views on polytheism. How about the thousands of stories and Greek mythology that were passed on from generation to generation? Also, some of the historical aspects of the bible (the kings, queens, etc) can be proven... but for a dude to live over 400 years (especially back in those times) and build an arc and somehow have all the animals fit on there while the whole earth floods... now we can safely assume that that's (respectively) a bunch of baloney, and there is science against that story. Also, like I said... unicorns and mermaids were made up by humans, just like religion. The only difference is that God is like Santa Claus for grown ups.

Also, the bible was written by... guess who?

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