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Originally Posted by embers View Post
Okay then, what does give Catholicism any more credibility than Mayan religious beliefs?
Well I find believing in goblins and bush spirits a shall I put it? A bit like believing in Santa and the tooth fairy. A bit too primitive. But for me, the idea of a God with whom you can have a personal relationship and who 'set the ball rolling' so to speak, makes sense. Besides, there are also cases of people who have had apparitions (Our Lady of fatima) which I also decide to take into consideration. But even through their own primitive religion, I believe that Mayans are searching for God, for the Creator.

Originally Posted by embers View Post
Look - all I'm trying to do here is to encourage looking at your faith from a rational perspective. I always find that there's this massive gap in people's rationality when it comes down to their faith. I'm not saying that necessarily makes them 'stupid' or 'bad' people, just that people need to adopt more logical perspectives in life, because that is what helps you progress through your life safely.

I apply logic to a lot of things but not to everything. I think that the main difference here is that some think that you can apply logic to everything and others don't. That's what I'm seeing here from this thread.
For example (I know that this may sound like bullcrap to you but.....) if you apply logic to love, trust and even faith, you'll kill them. How do you apply logic to love?
It's not that I don't ask questions...I constantly do... but I feel that this world couldn't have been created out of nothing and when it ends, it again goes to nothing. I just don't. And although I have read the Bible and I do not dismiss it....I prefer living my religion...helping the poor etc.

Originally Posted by embers View Post
I didn't 'blab'. I asked you to specify the people you were talking about because you were being very vague. I'll admit, there is an incredible amount of bullshit one has to suffer in teenage life - that doesn't mean you look to someone to condemn them to hell for it. Teenagers are naive. It happens. Now I'm not saying that applies to whatever situation you may be in because I don't know it.

Also, thanks, I'll take that assumption into account and keep you in mind when I'm glueing my next victim's fingernails to my boner.?

I didn't say they were going to hell.... who am I to say that?.....I'm saying that at times I would have like to see them rot in hell.......I'm not perfect...far from it and I'm not afraid to show it.
And the part about Jack the I overdid it a bit there, sorry.
I know that I was being hard but it's not easy having the whole world against you..I mean when I came here it was like HELL....and I mean why are all people here atheists? Why is backtobackawesome the only (poor I must admit) Christian on a thread entitled 'Religion'? It's a bit ironic don't you think?

Originally Posted by Perseus View Post
I never called you nor do I think you're stupid. Calm down. If you take things personally, don't debate. And I would think Jesus would want you to follow his teachings as well as God. Only He can judge people.
I know what Jesus would want but again, I'm not perfect. My religion is hard I admit...loving your 'enemies' as though they were your friends is no joke. I try but fail...yes I have weaknesses.

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