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Originally Posted by confusion View Post
Well if you say so......
Okay then, what does give Catholicism any more credibility than Mayan religious beliefs?

Originally Posted by confusion View Post
Well...I believe that it is a consequence of your actions. Now if not everyone believes it...what can I do about it?
Look - all I'm trying to do here is to encourage looking at your faith from a rational perspective. I always find that there's this massive gap in people's rationality when it comes down to their faith. I'm not saying that necessarily makes them 'stupid' or 'bad' people, just that people need to adopt more logical perspectives in life, because that is what helps you progress through your life safely.

Originally Posted by confusion View Post
C) And yes, you know these people I'm talking about, they like um turn a whole class of students against a particular student just because her beliefs are not like the majority's or because she dresses 'weird' or because her dad is 'strange', they bully her verbally, emotionally etc etc. I hope this shuts you up. Don't blab before you know the whole story pls. And anyway, I'm not obliged to tell YOU anything.....I don't know Jack Squat about could be the 2nd Jack the Ripper for all I know.
I didn't 'blab'. I asked you to specify the people you were talking about because you were being very vague. I'll admit, there is an incredible amount of bullshit one has to suffer in teenage life - that doesn't mean you look to someone to condemn them to hell for it. Teenagers are naive. It happens. Now I'm not saying that applies to whatever situation you may be in because I don't know it.

Also, thanks, I'll take that assumption into account and keep you in mind when I'm glueing my next victim's fingernails to my boner.

Originally Posted by confusion View Post
And anyway, if I'm being judgemental towards these people, embers is being judgemental towards me because I'm being judgemental...
When was I being judgemental? As I said, all I'm trying to do is encourage rational discourse in terms of faith, but clearly neither I nor anybody else on this forum can get that point across to people. It's exactly what's happened through the 100+ pages of this thread and I don't know why people fucking bother anymore.

Approach a debate with open-mindedness. Sure, there's a couple of people here who're tired of seeing the same things put forth in this thread and thus there's an abundance of sarcasm (i'll admit it comes from me too). But don't let their closed-mindedness affect how you approach your argument, and don't let it get to you. I'm not being judgemental, I'm trying to debate.
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