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Originally Posted by Electric Nomad View Post
Honestly, it depends on who you are, where are you, who is your people, what do you do. Not because of what you believe in, or what you do that are against the commandments.
I never said it was because of what you believe in. You seem nice but don't put words in my mouth.

Originally Posted by embers View Post
You'd better start giving it thought because it and Catholicism lie at the same level of credibility.

Well if you say so......

Originally Posted by embers View Post
Not everyone believes that - since you insist so much that God is what you interpret him to be, suck that up. But, you're just disregarding the countless amount of times God/Jesus have said who is being sent (emphasis on sent) to hell and who isn't.

Well...I believe that it is a consequence of your actions. Now if not everyone believes it...what can I do about it?

Originally Posted by embers View Post
Aren't Christians not supposed to be so judgemental? And stop being so ambiguous - what have these people with so many fans and admirers done that is so morally wrong?
A)No one is supposed to be judgemental. It's like you're putting Christians to higher expectations....interesting.
B) Just as I've already mentioned I'm a Christian not a saint.
C) And yes, you know these people I'm talking about, they like um turn a whole class of students against a particular student just because her beliefs are not like the majority's or because she dresses 'weird' or because her dad is 'strange', they bully her verbally, emotionally etc etc. I hope this shuts you up. Don't blab before you know the whole story pls. And anyway, I'm not obliged to tell YOU anything.....I don't know Jack Squat about could be the 2nd Jack the Ripper for all I know.

Originally Posted by Apparitions View Post
Modest as well...
I was just joking. You have no sense of humour apparently. If you are going to attack me because I said that, then it's because you can't find a valid reason to do so.

Originally Posted by Perseus View Post
"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."
Are you quoting from a book you don't even believe in? And anyway, if I'm being judgemental towards these people, embers is being judgemental towards me because I'm being that kills your argument (if you could call yours an argument......)

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