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Originally Posted by itswhatever_yep View Post
i dont know what to do i want to kill myself so bad. My boyfriend broke up with me and basically doesnt want anything to do with me and wont even hang out as friends. I just want to die. I started cutting. I need help but im scared to go to anyone I dont want people to know i'm crazy. I love my ex more than anything in this entire world and i dont want to be without him. I just want to be dead
I know that its tough when in this situation, but you have to be strong. You are entitled to feel sad, abandoned, let down etc and I'm not going to take that away from you. You just have to hang on in there.
Dying won't solve this. Only living can do that. Go out with friends, even if it's just to the cinema it will help break up the desperation you are experiencing. A little time with your friends can show you that there are people who care and want you around.

May I ask what made you make that first cut?
No matter what other people have said it is not a weakness. It provides a way of coping to those who have no others. It isn't by any means a good way of coping, but it keeps some people alive. But it destroys lives at the same time. There are a whole 6 months where I can't remember anything apart from 3 events because I was so caught in depression and self harm.
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