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Default Re: i don't know what's going on...

i stopped taking the xanax because my friend got expelled from school from dealing. and i have no way to get ahold of him, so really i had no choice. i've been running a lot more latley. sometimes i just go to the track and run and run and run until i can't do it anymore. but at least i get my 5 miles in. my mom is starting to worry about me again. she doesn't think that i am eating enough, but i told her that i was eating at school, so she dropped it for now. i told my therapist that i stopped taking my meds and we had a long talk about it. so in the end she took me off the lithium and is just having me take the paxil and that is it. so that's good i guess. sometimes, when i am walking somewhere that i used to go with kris or katie, i swear that i hear or see them there. i know it is just my imagination playing tricks on me, or maybe it is just my depression. i don't know. but for awhile i was starting to move on, i was trying to make a new life for myself. and now all i o is think about them and what we would be doing if they were still alive.

i tried the whole mirror thing. it didn't work.
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