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Default Re: MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

im sorry about your dad must be tough going through that.
i probably can't amagine how difficult it is for you,
I am dealing with major depression disorder.
and i know what it feels like to be depressed its the worst thing in the world.
I have a friend whose dad has MS and i can see that its difficult for him.
but i just try to be the best friend i can be to him as he's going through it.
as hard as it is try to spend as much time with him as you can. theres really not that much i can say because i am not in your situation but i will always be here to talk and i will help you with whatever your going through pm me anytime.
i just lost my grandfather.
he had alzeimers and in a sence i know what it feels like to watch someone slowly die.
its horrible. but i know in my heart the my grandfather had to go through that for a reason,
because things dont just happen for no reason theres always a reason.
I wish you the best of luck
and remember to hug and kiss you dad often

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