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Since most atheists tell me that if you can't believe all there is in the Bible, then you don't believe in the Bible, then the bible must be rubbish and God must not exist, I figured I could say that if you don't believe in some part of science, then that must mean you don't believe in science. Do you see now?
No. Because there are so many different people who study science, and they can verify data with each other. Even with people on the other side of the planet. Not only that, but science is more of a process that uses logic by trial and error. So there is more than one type of "science". Like computer science, and topics like environmental systems and health sciences. And its all really here. Nothing is being made up. And if something is going to be made up, its going to be a hypothesis.

The Bible is only one book, and an old shitty one at that.


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