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Originally Posted by confusion View Post
Yes, it does. Have you ever heard of Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle? Well, everything is made up of atoms and these atoms have electrons( particles outside in shells bla bla). Now, Heisenberg in his principle (not a hypothesis but a PRINCIPLE) says that one cannot ever know the exact position of the electron in an atom. No one can ever know. So, basically there is something that you can never know. The exact position of the electron in an atom.
Heisenberg is not the collective consensus and mouthpiece of science. Your argument is invalid.

Originally Posted by confusion View Post almost mixed me up I'm saying is that if I say 'I think that Sandra is beautiful' and someone else tells me 'I think that Sandra is as ugly as hell'....who's fuckin wrong there? Who's fuckin right? How do you determine who's wrong and who's right?
Beauty cannot objectively be measured. Existence can. When religions make claims pertaining to the existence of certain things, these claims can be tested, and if tests produce nothing, then it is acceptable to conclude that the religion is false.

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For fucks sake unban Ripple so we can have a Christian worth debating.
I sincerely doubt he would have any interest in returning even if he were unbanned, Tim.
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