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Originally Posted by confusion View Post
Very good, you've just realized that the Bible cannot be taken word for word and that people have flaws.
See, you and other Christians realize this, but what is so fucking dumb is that you Christians like to hand pick which parts are serious and which parts are just fable.

I can prove the great flood never happened, then you can say it was a figure of speech or whatever, but that would be a contradiction because Jesus himself in the Bible admits he believes that the flood happened. Everything in the Bible is MEANT to be taken seriously, or else it wouldn't be there. It's just we're at a day and age where we use more common sense and have intellectual morals that don't fit up with burning children as a sacrifice to God.

Originally Posted by confusion View Post
If you think that by showing my opinion, I'm trying to impress you, then you must have a very high opinion of yourself. And to tell you the truth, you can think whatever the bloody hell you want, I will say my opinion REGARDLESS.
If you knew me you would know I have no high opinion of myself or ego. What I was trying to say is you shouldn't try to act philosophical with these points that go ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE and mean nothing at all, because it looks like you're just trying to seem smart. If you want to seem smart, bring a new set of opinions to the table, challenge people in ways they haven't been challenged.

For fucks sake unban Ripple so we can have a Christian worth debating.

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