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Originally Posted by Sage View Post
No it doesn't.
Yes, it does. Have you ever heard of Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle? Well, everything is made up of atoms and these atoms have electrons( particles outside in shells bla bla). Now, Heisenberg in his principle (not a hypothesis but a PRINCIPLE) says that one cannot ever know the exact position of the electron in an atom. No one can ever know. So, basically there is something that you can never know. The exact position of the electron in an atom.

Originally Posted by Sage View Post
So your argument is that nobody can be right because everybody is wrong and because everybody is wrong they're all right but they're only right because they have to be wrong because nobody can say whether or not what's right is actually right.

I think I speak for a lot of people in this thread when I ask: Just what the fuck are you trying to argue, anyway?

Your position has no substance. almost mixed me up I'm saying is that if I say 'I think that Sandra is beautiful' and someone else tells me 'I think that Sandra is as ugly as hell'....who's fuckin wrong there? Who's fuckin right? How do you determine who's wrong and who's right?
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