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Originally Posted by confusion View Post
Very good, you've just realized that the Bible cannot be taken word for word and that people have flaws.
Why don't you, for the sake of all the Christians that keep telling us this, tell us what exactly we should and shouldn't take literally.

There's about what, dozens of sects and denominations of Christianity, each denomination thinking its version is correct while all others are incorrect. Aside from major and minor denominations, each individual Christian will hold different views from another, so... really each individual has their own modulated Christianity that they think is correct.

When people criticize Christianity, they do it based on the texts, and since no Christian as of yet has provided a sane, demonstrable, logical interpretation of the religion, it only makes sense that we do that.

Christians interpret the world's creation in 6 days as a metaphor for 4.6 billion odd years, but how do they know they have to? There's nothing crystal clear, or yet, made clear about why one should interpret it as that instead of its literal form so... why?

Next time, please don't tell us not to take it literally, unless you've already proved why we shouldn't.
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