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Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
Heh. I chose my atheism. My setting in where I live is very Christian and I've also been by other religions in my life, so I wouldn't consider my coming to atheism as closed minded when I've faced many different forms of beliefs.
Do you know for sure if that's not what happened to me as well? Perhaps I was one of those who didn't chose Christianity because 'everyone was doing it' and by the way, just for your info, one of my friends is an atheist so even I have faced and seen different beliefs.

Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
And what's so UNIQUE about you?

Well, first of all I have a different genotype (genetic material, DNA) than all the other people in the world. And second of all, my nurture (my upbringing, the experiences I faced in life) are unlike the others' so...yes I am unique.

Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
Any rational person would agree that being forced to marry the woman you raped as a punishment is quite idiotic, which is something that happens in the Bible.
Very good, you've just realized that the Bible cannot be taken word for word and that people have flaws.

Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
Stop with that fake pseudo philosophical try hard to be deep thing you have going on. Don't try to impress people on this site, there's no point.
If you think that by showing my opinion, I'm trying to impress you, then you must have a very high opinion of yourself. And to tell you the truth, you can think whatever the bloody hell you want, I will say my opinion REGARDLESS.

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