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ok so im 15 years old.. i have some under arm hair (not alot), i have a couple whiskers every1nce in a while, pubs, but i havent grow... soft im only about 2-2 1/2 and hard only about 31/2 to 4. i am wondering if i will still grow or what?!?! i am scared that i wont grow and where i live if ur small every1 will make fun of u and ill be ruined for life.. plz help me with my questions and if there is a way to grow faster by eating different foods cause i am a small guy (5' 6'' 107 lbs) and i didnt no if my not eating a very health diet had an affect by not getting the right about of nutreints or what not.. so thx for reading all of this and hopefully ull reply with some good help

o yea i also am wonering this because when i masturbate i do get semen and so i thought that it was a sign that i was done with penis growth and what not

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