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Default Hmmm...

Im a bit confused....

Theres this girl that Ive known since 2nd grade. Shes.. very good looking, not be shallow.
Theres a few things though that complicate it. One- shes a "good" Mormon. So idk how she looks at dating if at all, and Mormons at my school are known to want to take things very slow. Two- she hangs out with "popular" kids. And Im not exactly popular, but Im not a complete outcast either.

We dont talk much, its not like either of us avoids it but it just never happens. Anyway today in German class I was working with her on translations and she said "You've got really blue eyes" like as a compliment. I didnt know what to say so I was just like "Yeah, I know." Haha.
Does that sound like she was flirting, or do people regularly comment on how blue someone's eyes are? I usually only get comments like that from relatives or when I was little.

Anyway, idk. Mormons have alwsy seemed like... taboo to me lol, thats a horrible thing to say but I just never thought of Mormons as people to date until today when she said that. Idk if she would say yes if I asked her out, idk if she even dates.

Also Im busy the next few weekends, but I know that if I wait until Im not busy and dwell on it until then, I will have thought about it too much and then will be too afriad to ask.
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