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Originally Posted by confusion View Post
Bravo. That's exactly what I mean by 'closed-minded'. Maybe I can say the fact that you're an atheist has built much your entire philosophy too.
Heh. I chose my atheism. My setting in where I live is very Christian and I've also been by other religions in my life, so I wouldn't consider my coming to atheism as closed minded when I've faced many different forms of beliefs.

What builds most of my philosophy is evidence and personal experience.

Originally Posted by confusion View Post
Can I say that? NO. And your implication that I don't have an opinion just because I'm religious is ridiculous....I have an opinion because above all I'm a UNIQUE individual.
And what's so UNIQUE about you?

Originally Posted by confusion View Post
Does what I'm going to say really make any difference to you? You have already judged told me what I'm going to say before you even gave me the opportunity to open my mouth.
I'm still letting you talk. I'm not shutting you up. Speak as free and loud as you want. I'll listen and debate it.

Originally Posted by confusion View Post
Again, 'idiotic' to you.
Any rational person would agree that being forced to marry the woman you raped as a punishment is quite idiotic, which is something that happens in the Bible.

Originally Posted by confusion View Post
Don't you think that I have my doubts too? Don't you think that maybe, just maybe, I doubt the existence of God at times, especially when considering the fact that I'm a science student, with the intention of becoming a doctor? Yes, I am after all human.
I don't know you, so I don't know of your doubts and I can't give a foresight view when all I've had in words with you is a small conversation on VT.

Also, many Doctors are Christian and other religions. All because you have to learn SCIENCE doesn't mean you have magically faced the bold opinions of atheism and now you've gotten the strength of faith to be a Christian with the illusion of being open minded, which is pretty much every damn apologetic on this planet.

Originally Posted by confusion View Post
Define 'reality'.....are you implying that 'reality' is what YOU believe in?
Stop with that fake pseudo philosophical try hard to be deep thing you have going on. Don't try to impress people on this site, there's no point.

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