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Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
Here's the first problem - You're comparing religion to a song, using the subjective idea of music as of religion also being subjective.

Religion is quite objective though and it does force most people to think without an opinion, mainly because you don't have an opinion in the first place because the religion has pretty much built your entire philosophy.

Bravo. That's exactly what I mean by 'closed-minded'. Maybe I can say the fact that you're an atheist has built much your entire philosophy too. Can I say that? NO. And your implication that I don't have an opinion just because I'm religious is ridiculous....I have an opinion because above all I'm a UNIQUE individual.

Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
Well then I would probably ask for your proof, evidence, or just general points to prove that I'm wrong, then I would come back with my points until someone gives up. That's typically how the whole religion argument goes, except the religious person will stick his/her fingers in their ears and go, "LALALALA" to not listen when they're forced to actually THINK.

Does what I'm going to say really make any difference to you? You have already judged told me what I'm going to say before you even gave me the opportunity to open my mouth.

Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
Heh, in a way most of you do believe, worship and program exactly like robots without thinking for a second about how idiotic some of the things that happen in the Bible actually are.
Again, 'idiotic' to you. Don't you think that I have my doubts too? Don't you think that maybe, just maybe, I doubt the existence of God at times, especially when considering the fact that I'm a science student, with the intention of becoming a doctor? Yes, I am after all human.

Originally Posted by Sage View Post
I'm afraid you have a laughably liberal grasp of reality, then.
Define 'reality'.....are you implying that 'reality' is what YOU believe in?

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