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Originally Posted by confusion View Post
And then there's another thing.....if a song is rubbish to me, then that doesn't necessarily mean that it's rubbish to everyone.
Here's the first problem - You're comparing religion to a song, using the subjective idea of music as of religion also being subjective.

Religion is quite objective though and it does force most people to think without an opinion, mainly because you don't have an opinion in the first place because the religion has pretty much built your entire philosophy.

Originally Posted by confusion View Post
If you tell me 'Your religion is rubbish', then I will immediately strike back by telling you 'What if your religion or in this case your 'no religion' is rubbish?"
Well then I would probably ask for your proof, evidence, or just general points to prove that I'm wrong, then I would come back with my points until someone gives up. That's typically how the whole religion argument goes, except the religious person will stick his/her fingers in their ears and go, "LALALALA" to not listen when they're forced to actually THINK.

Originally Posted by confusion View Post
First of all sorry I double posted.........

Second of all, again, you cannot tar everyone with the same brush. Why do you keep saying 'to the religious' as if we have all the same DNA and we're all programmed to do the same thing like frikkin robots? It's just not fair to judge like that.
Heh, in a way most of you do believe, worship and program exactly like robots without thinking for a second about how idiotic some of the things that happen in the Bible actually are.

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