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Default Re: Should John Edwards still run for president?

Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
democrats suck
Hey, you can have your own opinion, but you can't insult the people who are democrats on this forum!

I think he should do what his wife wants him to do and what he wants to do. I'm not really sure about his political views so I can't say he'd be a good president, but I think he should run.
I think one side of me would want to stay (the side that thinks 'I love her and want to stay by her side') but then again that won't solve anything. I think I'd be better if he ran and visited as often as he could.
But if I would really choose, I wouldn't be in politicts!! I would also visit as often as I could. If I truely believed in myself as a politician, I would run. But it I had any doubts, I would stay.
It's a hard decision.
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