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Originally Posted by RickJames
Originally Posted by Shaolin
The Acid stays in your spine thins is a MYTH.

LSD is physically beneign, mentally it can be hell for some people. Leaving predisposed individuals psychotic.
no its not a myth i had a friend who did alot of acid and he hit the top of his head realy hard at the worng angle and it released it from his spine and he had a 1 hour trip
"It should also be noted that, as LSD is not retained in the spinal fluid, the cause of LSD "flashbacks" couldn't possibly be the drug leaking from your spine back into your bloodstream. Flashbacks are a purely psychological phenomenon. Infrequent users rarely experience flashbacks. The cause of these flashbacks is not entirely certain, but it is thought to be simply a mental response to a stimulus that the brain somehow relates to an experience that occurred while under the influence of LSD."

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