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Originally Posted by Cervantes View Post
I don't have a problem. I'm just saying that the roman catholics killed people who weren't a part of their religion. And every roman catholic I've ever met are one of those ones who think that every other religions are bad and people who follow them are going to hell.

I think you're against it. But your religion sure as hell thinks otherwise.
You're mixing things up. It's not my 'religion' that thinks otherwise. It's 'some people' that think otherwise. Let me show you what I mean:

If there is a singer and he sings a song......and this singer is rubbish, does that necessarily mean that the song is rubbish as well? You have to distinguish between the 'song' and the 'singer' i. e. between the 'religion' and the 'people'.

I have Roman Catholics at school who are horrible just as I know plenty of atheists who are horrible. Does that mean that their 'religion' or in this case 'no religion' is horrible? NO. Does that give me the right to say 'All atheists are horrible because many of the atheists I've met are horrible?' I definitely do not see your point here.

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