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Default Re: Survey, Please Answer

1. Your Age: 14
2. Str8, gay, or bi?: str8
3. Your penis size (hard/erect): 6inches
4. Are you satisfied with your penis size?: yeah supose
5. What would you say average size is?: depends
6. Amount of Pubic Hair?: medium amount
7. Are you satisfied with your pubic hair?: sorta! y wud u b!
8. Do you shave/trim your pubes?: no
9. What other areas do you have hair in? underarm, bit on stomach, legs, arms, but near bum
10.Do you consider yourself done with puberty?: no not yet
11.Do you wear boxers or boxer-briefs or what?: both wotevas out of da washing

12. Would you show your penis to a gfuy/girl if they asked you to?: yh i supose
13. Do you have a Girlfriend/boyfriend?: no
14. Do you want one?: id wudnt mind but im not desperate
15. Have you kissed someone?: no
16. Have you had sex with someone?: no
17. Did you enjoy it if u had it?: n/a
18. Have you ever had Oral sex?: no
19. Have you ever had Anal sex?: no
20. What other kinds?: none

21. Do You masturbate?: yes
22. How often?: bout once every 2days!
23. Do you orgasm?: yes!
24. Do you do it often?: lyk everytime!
25.Do you pre-cum? no

26. Do you look at porn?: yes
27. If so, what types?: gay, str8 and sumtimes trany as i curious
28. Have you ever been caught looking at porn?: no
29. Do you masturbate while looking at porn?: yes sumtimes

30. Do you take showers or baths?: showers
31. Do you have sleepovers with friends?: yeah
32. Do you compare penis sizes to friends?: no
33. Do you compare your penis size with family members? no
34. Would you like to compare penis sizes with friends/family? yeah
35. Have you been seen naked by family members, by friends? not dat i no of
36. Have your parents given you the talk yet (scary lol)? no
37. Did you find this emberasing? n/a
38. Did your parents find this emberasing? n/a
39. What could be done to improve this survey? i dnt no!
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