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id like to point out something here.

Alex, why do you call me out, when i am defending you on your lifestyle, but then you let Jess insult me without a public warning? You may say because Jess is a better person, maybe more preferrable to you, w/e the case. But, i think that the reason i am disciplined more by you is because you have grown to dislike me, in which i think that you have a bias over me. I also think that you should not have a bias over certain people to be a proper Admin, which many on this site consider a role model.

Now, Jess, i know that you wouldnt insult a gay person, but its not the fact that YOU did it. This happens everyday, that homosexuality is associated with non-masculinity and many others do it. Even people similar to you do it, maybe not meaning it derogatorily, but it still happens.
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