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some people are like really fucked up, like they have mad problems, thats why they get bored and wana see what GTA would really be like, u cant think like that for all of society. i agree w/ everyone, its the parents fault if their kid is playing games at too young an age. i think, if a kid gets ahold of a real violent game at a real young age, they're logically most likely to be more violent later in life than a kid who went through the same life as the other one but didnt play the game. its the ideas introduced into the kids head at an age where they dont understand things so they go with those ideas. its the parent's fault that the kid got ahold of the game at that age, not the makers of the game. some games i think are just too grusome or violent, but that's me, so i dont play them. people dont want to admit they cant control a situation so they blame the video game creators. if some bitch ass mom came into school and we had an assembly about video game violence and its influence, id laugh in her face is offline   Reply With Quote