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Default Re: bombarded by anorexic stars

Originally Posted by Mannequin View Post
You sound like you think these girls enjoy it. Anorexia usually has an underlying cause. I highly doubt an anorexic's number one motivator would be to attract the opposite sex. The girl in the middle photo actually died of kidney failure from anorexia. These girls feel pressure to look this way by constant critique/manipulation of their photos and by the public.
why would i think that people enjoy anorexia?? pardon me, but this is my experience. lots of girls in my grade at school have eating disorders and many try and get skinnier and skinnier because they think other people dont approve of them. i didnt mean that anorexic's do what they do to impress the opposite sex, but from my own expereinces, many girls encourage themselves to become even skinnier becasue they they that a side effect will be having others be interested in them physically. idk if u can call lots of people anorexic, many people have eating disorders, some more serious than others. but Anorexia is an actual fear of becoming fat, and im sure over time many people such as models in the modeling industry develope a fear of becoming fat. is offline   Reply With Quote