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cmon, ur not worthless. there's nothing wrong with being bisexual. what you have to do is remember this, there's nothign wrong with you. everytime ur parents say something like "AWW, these gays are defects and criminals against society" w/e, its gonna hurt but uve gotta remember, ur a good person and there's nothing wrong with you. parents love their kids, im willing to bet that you'd be in much worse shape right now if ur parents didnt love u. i can imagine that it hurts to have something about u rejected from someone as close to u as ur mom or dad, but if it just hurts too much talk to them. tell them they may have their veiws about things, but that the daughter they love and gave birth to is bisexual. now, u mentioned that they say things about gays/non-straight people as being "unholy". im gonna guess ur parents are christian only because it seems that religious christians sometimes have a thing against those who are not straight more than other religions. well im chrisitan too, i got back from easter sunday church a few hours ago, my dad's a priest (im protestant) etc. to me, God is our father, and a father loves his children. A father wouldnt punish his children for being a little different than most people. Of course a father wants people to carry on his name by reproducing and even non-striaght people can do this lol. A father would love his children no matter what, thats part of being a parent. now, to get back on track, know to urself that ur not worthless at all. Id say that a challenge for u would be to confront ur parents and have a talk about this. If you are able to do this, you would be a very strong person, the opposite of worthless. if u dont want to do this, it doesnt matter. just know that if some things about you arent considered good in ur parents eyes, thigns such as not being completely heterosexual, know that ur a good person and that you are you and you arent going to change who u are deep down just to please some one else is offline   Reply With Quote