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Originally Posted by bedroom eyes View Post
Dont do it. Ive been there, and now that Ive worked everything out and have gotten better, I realize how much I like life, and how much I want to live.

Please hold on, you'll make it through, you can get through this - you dont have to die to end your problems.

Please PM me if you need someone to talk to, I know what it's like, and I want to help. If you do decide to send me a message - I cant respond right away, bujt dont think Im ignoring you.

Just please dont do this, there are a lot of people on VT who care about you and woulkd be very upset if you killed yourself, including me. Even though I dont know you well, I know you're a great guy who would be missed a lot.
Thanks Jess. It's just too hard sometimes to keep living, hoping that things may one day get better. I've been going through an emotional roller coaster called life and I'm stuck at the bottom of my upward climb to happiness. I fear that once I'm happy, I'll fall back down to the abyss of sadness and depression - just like a roller coaster.

To specifically answer your questions witchdoctor, it's hard for me to live in a world of parental rejection. Time and time again, I'm not good enough for them, but this hell of mine is that they have found out that I'm bisexual and in a relationship with a guy. My parents epitomize all hatred of non-straight people. I continually hear their adamant cries of disgust; every time the word 'gay' pops up mother and father profess their utmost hatred for the ‘unholy crime against humanity.' In their eyes, I am worthless for having an 'immoral' sexual orientation. Honestly, I'm tired of being worthless. Now that they know I'm bi, I can't do anything to gain their approval.

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