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Default Revamping Some Forum Descriptions

I think we should change the descriptions of 2 forums. We already agreed, and it was decided (which, by the way, someone posted and said that it should apply then I noticed that it should be in the forum description) that the puberty forums were for puberty questions and sex ed questions (contraceptives, STDs/STIs etc.). But right now the forum says 'puberty questions only', which contradicts the fact and may cause confusion.

After all my rambling I think we should change the puberty forum descriptions to include sex ed questions, and I REALLY think that we should revamp the FAQ sticky but that's another story....
How about
"Post your puberty questions for guys here. Sex ed questions are welcome"
And for girls basically same thing only substitute 'girls' for 'guys'.

On another forum description note, the new Mental Illness forum doesn't seem to welcoming in the description.
Bobby recently made a nice announcement saying that you can post in the general forum if you have a question that isn't covered in the subforums. I think this fact should also be put in the forum description and it should be a little more friendly that a line saying 'Mental Illnesses'

"For all your questions about mental illnesses. If a subforum doesn't cover your question, feel free to post in the main forum!"
Or something like that

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