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Angry I Got Caught Plz Hlp

Well I have a laptop but i cant have it in my room i have to use it in our guest room where there is a phone line. Ummm.... well I was on VT and here comes my sister who barges in before I could close it. I had the puberty forum up aand she asks me what am I doing and I say that I found the sight on google and make up a really lame lie and she says that she does not believe me. I dont think that I can have anyone in my family know about this site because I post some really personal stuff and it freaks me out that she can just come and see it anytime she wants. She saw my sn and now she knows who I am on the site. What should I do? Should I just make up a new sn or yeah what should I do cuz if I piss her off she is definatly gonna tell my mom and then it will be a huge mess. PLZ HELP!
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