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Default Re: His girlfriend!!

Originally Posted by Underground_Network View Post
WTF.. It's obviously not a height difference, I presume she's saying he intentionally reaches lower, has nothing to do with height most likely... Anyways, it seems he likes you, but still, it doesn't mean he likes you more than his current girlfriend. Sometimes guys have crushes on more than one girl. And some guys just want the girl for reasons other than a relationship. But the one thing you must avoid is getting mixed up in a real love triangle. Make sure he's definitely broken up with his girlfriend if he chooses to go out with you, because life will be a real bitch if it turns out he was still with his girlfriend and he was apparently cheating. Just be careful, and if this guy just likes you as a friend, I say keep him, he seems like a nice guy, but again, you never know.

good point!!! love triangles are nasty. it happened with friends of mine and now none of them speak to eachother.


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