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I used to not do anything about scars because I always wanted to keep them as 'proof' or whatever to myself. However, they're also proof to everyone else so it just screws everything up and you have to hide it and yaddayadda. I've been pretty much successfull in hiding my first scars for three years now, but after I've started a bit again I kinda don't want even more stuff to hide so.. My new thing is to take pictures of the cut right after it's made. I know, I know, it sounds completely and utterly lame, but.. It kinda works. You have the proof to yourself there that you didn't just scrape the surface of your skin and you're not a crybaby that can't even cut properly, so you don't need the scar for that as much. Which again makes you more eager to make the scar lesser. I haven't had too much success in making the scars that much smaller yet, though, but whatever. All bandages that look good for that kinda stuff are so bloody expensive. I wanted to buy those strip things that keep the scar closed so that it heals to just a pretty thin line instead of the thick oblong "blob", but they were like "your soul" for a packet of five so.. Ah well.

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