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There was someone where my dad works that decided that gta was getting boring and they wanted to see what it was like in real life, so they brought several guns to school... Luckily no one got hurt, but anyways, I don't think video games have that much influence, and yes, it is a parents decision, but I think rated M games should not be doled out to kids still in elementary. Maybe 12 at the youngest, but again its up to parents, it is true that if a kid commits murder, the charge can land on the parents. There are actually several ratings Dante missed, just to bring them up: EC (early childhood), E (everyone), E 10+ (everyone ten and older), T (teen), M (mature), AO (adults only). But think about it, video games are like movies, E is like G rated movies, everyone can see/play them without worries. E 10+ is like a PG movie, little kids may want to avoid, but basically everyone can play/see it. Then T is basically like PG-13, if your older than 13, then fine, but if under, parents should have some influence. M is like rated R movies, teenagers go to rated R movies all the time, but parental influence should be a factor, and the parents decision should overrule the adolescents, and pre-teens/grade schoolers, should really avoid these movies/games, as they may not be mature enough to fully understand them, and may decide that shooting stuff looks like fun, and that they want to do it in real life. Then lastly, there AO games, which can be compared to the no one under 17 rating, no one should play/see these if they are not adults, these movies are impossible to get into even with a parent (unless you look of age, and ID is not brought up) and these are hard to find, but not impossible to acquire if under 17/18.

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