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Default Re: Geraldo Rivera versus Bill O'Reilly-Illegal Immigration

Originally Posted by Makod View Post
Geraldo was right, being an illegal immigrant has nothing to do with driving drunk. In this particular case, if the illegal had been deported, no accident would have occurred. But that doesn't mean all drunk drivers are illegals, or vice versa. Illegals do cause a lot of problems in this country, but Bill tries to make it look like they are worse than they really are.

Bottom line, both Bill O'Reilley and illegals are detrimental to our society.
I agree completely. It's not the fact he was illegal but he was a drunk that is the problem. It's not like all Mexicans are hopping the boarder, drinking til they puke, and get behind the wheel. The illegal shouldn't have been in this country but to say it happened because he was illegal is wrong.
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