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Default Re: The "This is where I am, am I normal?!" Sticky!

I'm thirteen and my penis is 5 in when erect and 2.5 when flaccid. My tesicles are around 15 milliliters in volume. My scrotal/penile skin is darker than the skin on the rest of my body, and has a purple-reddish tint to it. I have just orgasmed/ejaculated for the first time a few days ago. I am not attracted to females yet, but do have friends that happen to be girls. I have a moderate amount of dark, curly pubic hair around the base of my penis and around my anus. I do have armpit hair, but only a small amount. My semen is clearish with a white-yellowish tint to it.

And while I'm at it, I have a question: I had gynecomastia, and the button-like lumps and tenderness of the breast went away. But my breasts are still swolen and appear to still be enlarging. Do I still have gynecomastia or is it just body fat?
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