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Default Re: i don't know what's going on...

u seem to knowk that exercise is going to keep u healthy, it seems like many "want" to exercise but never get to it. Thats good. One thing u have to do is stop the Xanax. It's a perscription medicine, and if ur friend is giving it to u, then its NOT MEANT FOR YOU!!. a common side effect of xanax is euphoria or "feeling good and happy". If you can only find happiness after uve taken xanax, then its because ur on a drug. You need to stop this so you can naturally find happiness, if u cant do this naturally, you'll never be able to help urself and have fun. Next, go stand in the mirror and look at urslef. What DO you like about urself. Thoughts of doubt will probably come, let those thoughts come, but let them go as well. See yourself and remember that ur running 5miles a day and eating very little. Remember, to be healthy, you need to eat. In seeking a "good looking" body by being skinny wihle denying that you're becoming too skinny, you're always going to be insecure about it and you'll never truly be happy. Keep up ur running, thats great. but start up ur eating. A good looking body is a healthy body, eat balanced foods and keep urself fit and you'll look and feel great, once you feel great about yourself you'll take a huge weight off your shoulders, you'll be able to walk around confident that people look at you and think you look nice and healthy and then you can be happy with yourself. I tell this to alot of people, but find something you like to do. something active that stretches ur mind, something u find fun and rewarding. Once you find something you like to do , you can have an enjoyable life goign further and further with that. you dont need to be wealthy to be happy, remember that. start out with this and see where it takes you is offline   Reply With Quote