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Default Re: Mastubation = Fear... and Questions

well, they both come basicallly at the same time, it might range from person to person but i find it isnt like u experience one and then the other comes 5 seconds later. U'll probaly find that just as ur about to ejaculate, u have this really built up feeling inside u, JUST being held back but thats about to let lose any second, that is ur orgasm about to happen. For me, it tends to be just as i ejaculate (semen comes out) the orgasm hits me, so maybe ejaculation occurs slightly before orgasm....idk, they happen basically the same time. Orgasm lasts anywehere from like 1 second to (ive heard other people's experiences) 4 seconds. if i had to wait to masturbate until my house was empty, id be an unhappy person. if u want to start experimenting, id say go into ur bathroom for a lil while when people are away from the bathroom. or if somebody's far from ur room/where the computer is, find some porn and just go at it, being aware of ur surroundings. LOL after years of doing this, i can hear where people are anywhere in my house so i know when and when not to jerk/do other stuff is offline