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Default Masturbation/ Ejaculation Questions

I am currently 12 going on 13, and have just had my first orgasm a few days ago. It truly is a great feeling. But in my case, I really don't get to enjoy it. Before an orgasm, I have all of the symptoms- faster heart rate, deeper breathing, tightening and thickening of the scrotum( ballsack), etc.. But I always have one extra stmptom- an extremely severe headache, just shy of being classified as a migrain. The headache gets worse and worse until the orgasm climax. The headache also doesn't pass by for a few hours.

Also, when I ejaculate, I notice a discomfort/pain in my testicles and epididymus, even though I do not stop the orgasm or let it build. I also notice that my urethra and penis( the skin and tissues inside) are irritated after I ejaculate. When I masturbate, I go slowly and don't use any pressure. I also use lubricant, but NOT soaps or shampoos.

Is this normal? What can I do to prevent it from happening again( besides stopping masturbating)? Please help!
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