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Default Re: Mastubation = Fear... and Questions

Originally Posted by that one guy View Post
no I was erect but I didnt go any farther than that =/
You gotta go further than that! Don't be frightened, intimidated or's a new experience, and if you start and orgasm, you'll be doing it again!!

Here's an article on jackinworld about masturbation.
This can tell you lots of things such as about fantasies, that you need to concentrate (don't play PS2 while you masturbate), lubrication, how fast to pump, and how tightly to grip!

And if that doesn't work, here's a rough how-to:

Don't let anybody see you. Do this at night or something, where you're alone such as in the bathroom. Maybe watch some porn. Get a stiffy, hard on, basically make your penis hard. You can do that by rubbing it, fantisising (two guys kissing (sorry my first choice ), two girls kissing, or a guy and a girl kissing, them having sex...) or watch porn.
Now grab your penis. Basically like you're holding a lever. Just tightly hold it enough to get a motion going. Now, go up and down instead of back and forth. Make the motion with you elbow - moving your entire arm from the shoulder won't do much!!
Keep going. This would feel good. Up and can go on and on. At some point, it'll start feeling better and better that you want to go faster. Do that! Keep going, and then you'll get a sensation like you're gonna pee. Keep going man, don't let that warm, manly fluid stay in there! (if you body has matured enough to produce semen). Keep going until it comes out, or you feel a rush that is undescribable, something that you want to do again and again...

Try those, and come back ready to spill what happened
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