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I know it's nothing compared to what some people face, but still. My life is shit, ever-since I moved, away from friends, relatives etc. I have benefited from it in slight ways but that's besides the point. I moved 4 years ago, 4 hours away from my original location. I was rejected from every local school and was then 'home-schooled' for 6 months. (I'd been suspended and was about to get kicked out of my previous secondary school). After being home-schooled I was then accepted to a school 1 and a half hours away. Consequently I couldn't socialise with anyone. All my 'friends' that live here are druggies, yeh, they're reliable, they'd kill anyone who'd touch me, same as I would for them. I just don't like the shit they do, going around vandalising, popping pills, getting in fights. Yeh, I loved that around 3 years ago, but I've changed now and well grown up. Now I go to college 15 minutes away with a class full of immature idiots, sure I have mates outside class but they commute from the city which is a long journey.

The one thing that stopped me looking on this was my girl-friend, I was with her just over 2 years. We'd basically planned our life until I walked in when I found out she had something wedged in her, it was called my 'best mate's' penis. Now I go college 5 days a week 9-4:20 (mon-fri) and then work 5-9pm (mon-fri) and more work on weekend 11-6 on sat and 11-4 on sun. I have no free time, and when I do I've got no-one to go out with. My life's just literally going past me.

I feel ugly as shit, like everyone hates me even if it's just a first conversation, I have fuck-all confidence in me and I ask myself the majority of the time: "What's the point?"
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