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we had a discussion about this at school, how videogame violence should be banned because it is a direct correlation to real life violence.

i laughed when someone agreed with that...i laughed out loud.

anyways, the game that your 3 year old bought called Grand Theft Auto is directly the guardians fault. especially if the little 3 year old brings a gun to school and shoots his fellow classmates.

also, me being a teenager myself, i can say that when i play violent video games, that it does not provoke me to act violently. i know better, because im not completely absent minded. also, if you do shoot up your school, then video games are the least of your problems. you have serious mental problems.

people say that the columbine students were violent because of video games. WRONG! they were violent because kids bullied them, and so they brought weapons to school and killed the kids that bullied them.

bottom line, stop telling everyone that media violence is the reason why teens die and kill each other. everyone knows that its not true, so stop.
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