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Default Re: mastubation=fear...and questions

u will find that it can be hard for people to describe an orgasm for u. basiclaly, its a full body sensation, u become extremely relaxed for a period of time, and....u just feel amazing, its different than any other feeling. when u orgasm, once ur at the point in puberty where u can, you'll ejaculate, or release semen. semen is a mix of fluids from ur prostate that gets mixed w/ sperm that come out of the testicles (balls) in ur scrotum (sac). some people let out alot of semen, some people let out a very little ammount. the ammount let out will be greater as u get farther and farther into puberty because ur testicles will produce more sperm. it will not just keep coming out. when u orgasm, you'll ejaculate and then depedning on the ammount u let out, you'll stop ejaculating within about a second ranging to a few seconds. dont worry if u just have semen dribbling out or if it seems to "shoot" out, both are completely normal. ur semen being whitish means there's sperm in there, thats a good sign masturbation is a COMPLETELY NORMAL AND HEALTHY ACTIVITY. studies show that somewhere in the 90-98% of teenage males masturbate so dont feel weird. just keep it in private or with close friends if u feel like doing so, its not allowed to masturbate in public but im sure ur aware of that. i find that masturbation is a great stress releiver and studies are showing now that masturbation MAY help reduce chances of developing prostate cancer later in life but u need not worry about that at allnow. just have fun experiencing with urself about masturbation, its alot of fun is offline